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Does your choice of insurance agency really matter?


Every time you turn on your television, radio, or computer you are faced with a barrage of advertisements for the lowest insurance rates online. Those campaigns may have you asking yourself why you need an insurance agent, and whether it makes any difference which one you select. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to re-think “cheap” and “do-it-yourself” when it comes to insurance protection.



What does an insurance agent do, anyway?


As a licensed, trained professional, your Bucher-Wallace agent is uniquely qualified to analyze the risks you, your family, and your business face. We know Bedford County lifestyles, economy, weather conditions, and legal attitudes. We explain how dangers to your health, home, business, and finances may be insured. We are also up front with you if there are hazards that are uninsurable, and advise you on other ways to reduce or eliminate their potential impact. We break down insurance jargon into terms you easily understand.


Then your Bucher-Wallace agent gets to work to design a customized coverage program to fit your needs, obtaining the best possible pricing package from available markets.


If you ever experience a claim, we are at your service with advice on reporting the incident and steps to expedite settlement. While we only partner with companies who have reputations for prompt, fair claim handling, we are ready to mediate if you have concerns.


A telephone help desk simply can’t give that level of personalized care.



Why do I need an agent?


An insurance agent works for you, not the insurance company. We have great relationships with national insurance carriers and local companies, but you are our customer and your protection is our primary concern.




Why should I choose Bucher-Wallace Insurance Agency, Inc.?


We have been a trusted advisor to residents and businesses in the Bedford County area since 1946. We place a high value on maintaining current education in the ever-changing insurance industry. What sets us apart is the drive to use our expertise and experience to compassionately manage your needs for insurance protection. We think every customer deserves that level of professionalism and down-to-earth respect.




What is the advantage of working with an ERIE Agent?


Today’s economy is challenging for just about every individual and business. With coverage backed by ERIE’s financial strength, you have the assurance that your rates are fair (with a variety of discounts available); your claims will be honored (even in the midst of a widespread disaster).


How do you know ERIE has that financial strength? The company is Rated A+ Superior by A. M. Best, an independent organization assessing the financial stability of insurers. Only about 10 percent of the companies Best rates get the distinction of Superior or better. Erie Insurance is included in Ward Group’s 2013 national list of Top 50 Performing Property/Casualty insurers for financial stability, consistency and performance. It is the 18th largest property/casualty insurer (based on total net premiums written) in the United States, and the 12th largest auto insurance company in terms of direct premiums written. ERIE is the 2nd largest auto insurer right here in Pennsylvania!


ERIE has been a hallmark brand in the area for approximately 80 years, starting in Pennsylvania in 1925 and now serving 11 states and the District of Columbia as a multi-line insurer. Teaming with them and other reputable insurance providers allows Bucher-Wallace Insurance Agency to bring you the highest level of experience and service in Pennsylvania.




So, YES, your choice of insurance agency does matter!  It matters to the well being of the people and things you care about most, it matters to your wallet, and it matters to your peace of mind.


The Bucher-Wallace team is ready to welcome you to our agency. Call us today at 814-652-6443 for a no cost, no obligation insurance review.


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